Thursday, October 30, 2008



CHERRY said...

Nice work!!!!!!
Looking for more worksheets for this coming month.


Kids Learning Fun said...

Chrono - you commented on my blog: Kids Learning Fun. So I stopped by and I'm glad that I did. What amazing worksheets and nifty blog technology. How do you make them? And what a great collection of widgets! Congrats. How many worksheets have you made?

MA. KATRINA said...

Ate Chona,

Nice blog!

ANGELICA said...

Wow! What a nice blog!!!!!!


Joe said...


Are you a teacher or some kind of an educator?

Just asking. Nice blog.


CHERRY said...

Im sorry I wasn't able to open my gmail for a long time.

Wow! colorful worksheets!!!!!

Virginia said...

Hello! My name is Virginia. I have found your blog by chance and it is fantastic! Do you create all the worksheets or do you use a special program. I love also the Tv with fishes where did you ge it?
I'm doing my trainning period as a teacher in a school in order to be English teacher but I'm from Spain.

Congratulations for you blog it's very cute.